Miss Polly's Poly

Krystie Smoothy

Millefiori is traditionally one of the best-known glasswork techniques which produce unique decorative patterns on glassware.

The word of "Millefiori" consists of two Italian words: 'mille' - one thousand and 'fiori' - flower. Together they suggest the meaning of, "A Thousand Flowers".
Using similar techniques and applying them to the accessible medium of Polyclay, participants get to experience the exciting moments of creating their own 'thousand flower' pieces. 
Many participants in Miss Polly's workshops reflect that they could not believe they could create the final products themselves, but after a few short hours, they soon realised they could.

Please Note: Miss Polly is on holidays until January 16th- please continue to register interest, however I may not return your enquiry until after this date. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at Miss Polly!